The TCU Alert System is designed to keep members of the Horned Frog family safe during an emergency. If you believe you have received a TCU Alert in error and would like to request that your name be removed from this emergency notification system, please complete the form below and submit.

Submitting a request here does not remove you from the system. You will be contacted by a TCU employee before any action is taken to remove you from the alert system.
Your Information:
Please check any of the following that apply:
I have a son or daughter who attends TCU
As the parent of a student, your contact information may be part of your childs emergency contact information. Only your child may modify that information. We will contact your child on your behalf and provide instruction.
I have a son or daughter who attended a summer/specialty camp at TCU
My spouse works at TCU
Your contact information may be part of your spouses emergency contact information. We will contact your spouse to ensure the contact information in the system accurately reflects the best methods to reach him/her.
I used to work at TCU
Depending on the date that you last worked, your contact information may still show as active in the system. We will be happy to check into this for you and update as appropriate.
If you are a current TCU student or employee: Your request to be removed from the TCU Alert System, the University¿s emergency mass notification system, cannot be fulfilled at this time. The ability to reach you during an emergency is required while you are an active member of TCU¿s faculty, staff or student body. TCU Alert allows us to communicate emergency information and instruction within minutes, and to determine if help is needed. TCU is committed to providing the safest possible environment for our campus. Safety does not occur by chance; it is the result of careful attention to operations and everyone¿s willingness to be prepared should an emergency arise. To learn more about TCU¿s safety initiatives, visit Thank you.